Interpretation Center of the City of Medina de Rioseco "Arco Ajujar".

INTERPRETATION CENTER OF THE CITY "ARCO DE AJUJAR". The Interpretation Center of the City of Medina de Rioseco "Arco Ajujar", located next to the oldest gate of the old walled enclosure, aims to introduce visitors to the history of the city. The narration that takes place in its interior responds to two lines of argument. On the one hand, it explains the historical evolution of the town, while providing information on the most significant monuments and events that have shaped what is now Medina de Rioseco. Visitors will find scale models of the "City of Admirals", explanatory panels and interactive videos about different episodes that have taken place over the centuries. In its five rooms the center presents a glimpse of the history of the city, its culture and its people. Two large scale models made by the artist Juan José Fernández stand out. One of them recreates the walled town in the 16th century, then known as "India Chica"; the other reproduces the construction of the church of Santa María de Mediavilla in the Middle Ages. The Gothic style temple is shown with its ornate main facade, its ribbed vaults and transverse arches. Next to the church, the corro de Santa María and the colonnaded Rua Mayor. The model recreates the artisan village that was built by order of Gaspar Solórzano, architect of the temple for its construction, with replicas of the medieval machinery used: crane, elevator and waterwheel. The well-known legend of the Sequillo crocodile is represented next to the church.