On Sunday, October 8, the Montaña Palentina Honey Fair was held in one of the museums of the Living Museums Network, the Bee Museum, located in the town of Castrejón de la Peña (Palencia), which this month celebrated its first anniversary open to the public.

Since then, it has registered 316 requests for visits, which has meant access to the museum for... 1,138 people!!!!

We would like to remember the architects of this museum: Félix Herrero García, who contributed a wonderful collection of objects related to bees and beekeeping: APINORPA (Apicultores del Norte de Palencia) and the Town Council of Castrejón de la Peña, who managed to locate this collection in the old schools of the municipality, thus giving rise to the Museum of Bees.

Managed by ACD Montaña Palentina, a local action group that joined the MUSEOS VIVOS project in 2020, the Museo de las Abejas was the first museum in Palencia to be included in the MUSEOS VIVOS network and after the implementation of security systems, lighting and automatic opening, it opened its doors on October 1, 2021.

Its implementation has made it possible to recover, preserve and exhibit to the public real jewels that are worth spreading, as well as the knowledge of such a fascinating world as that of bees and honey, which was once and still is an economic activity of relevance to the environment and the rural environment.

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