Museum of the Book in Covarrubias

The Museum closes the main door at the following closing times:

Sunday to Tuesday: opens at 10 am and closes at 2 pm.
Wednesday to Saturday: opens at 8:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm.
Respect the closing times to avoid getting stuck inside the museum.
Each visitor or group of visitors has one hour to visit the Museum.


Information video for access to the Centre


The Book Museum in Covarrubias, is located in the building of the archive of the Adelantamiento de Castilla in Calle de Monseñor Vargas, The center collects the world of books from the beginnings of writing to the electronic book, through various reproductions of manuscripts related to the history of Castilian, Burgos and Covarrubias. A real walk through the history of the world of letters.