"Open museums to boost the rural environment" was the theme of the meeting organized this November by the Godofredo, Garabito and Gregorio Foundation at the Casa Grande de la Mudarra within the project "Castilla y León Importa" and in which the coordinator of the project MuseosVivos-Living Museums, Eugenio García-Rojo participated together with the director of the Villa del Libro de Urueña, Luis Enrique Valdés and the president of the Association of Rural Tourism of Valladolid, Luis Chico Luque. The president of the foundation, Guillermo Garabito, was also present.

In this forum, which could be followed through TwitterSpaces, Museos Vivos-Living Museums has once again highlighted how the intelligent opening system of its 78 museum spaces, all of them located in small rural towns, allows visitors to access at any time 365 days a year. An on-demand service that brings convenience to the visitor but above all helps to keep open many small museums that could not have been maintained with staff for budgetary reasons, since there are no resources in the villages to maintain guides or people in charge.

"Now, for very little money, they are open and creating a different experience when visiting a museum," said Eugenio García-Rojo.

Luis Enrique Valdés recognized that in Urueña it is necessary to continue working to keep bookstores and museums open, but also other services, such as lodging, bars and restaurants, a point on which Luis Chico also agreed, stressing that it is necessary to "create sensations" for visitors to a place.

The meeting also raised the need to deepen in a differentiated taxation for rural areas. All the participants agreed that it is essential to differentiate strategies by territories also when promoting them.