The Living Museum Network-Living Museums has set a new record for the number of visitors in the summer of 2022. In the months of July and August alone, almost 10,000 visitors were registered in the nearly 70 museums that make up our project.

In total, during these two summer months, 3,007 visits have been managed, allowing access to 9,947 people. This figure represents an increase of 50% in the flow of visitors compared to the first half of the year, when just over 5,570 visits were recorded, allowing just over 21,000 visitors to visit one of the 67 living museums that make up this network.

"The increase in the number of museums has allowed us to increase the number of visitors. But also, and above all, the word of mouth of the 20,000 visitors who have previously visited some of the museums and that 2022 is being a good year for inland tourism and our museums have established themselves as an element of tourist attraction in the territories in which they are located," highlights Eugenio García Rojo, head of the Living Museums-Living Museums project.

A milestone in terms of the number of visitors that Eugenio Rojo can only value positively and relate directly to the important commitment to the dissemination of the Living Museums-Living Museums project that its promoters have been carrying out for over a year.