In mid-December 2022, the Living Museums network received representatives of Estonian local action groups who came to Spain to learn more about the functioning of this project and to study the possibility of collaboration.

This visit is for Museos Vivos another step forward after the importance of being the only Spanish project that was selected for the European Rural Inspiration Awards 2022, which has given them so much visibility at an international level.

"The RIA Awards were like a launch to Europe, the Estonians were the first to visit us and I believe that more will come and we will be working together," explained the network coordinator, Eugenio García-Rojo.

The Estonian rural development agents toured the living museums of three provinces: Valladolid, Burgos and Segovia, and held working meetings with those responsible for the Smart system that facilitates tourist visits to these rural areas. They were also accompanied by the Director General of Industry and the Agri-Food Chain of the Junta de Castilla y León, María José González Garrachón, who at INTUR publicly stressed the importance of the international nature of this project.

In the province of Valladolid they visited the Underground Heritage Center and the Cheese Museum (Villalón de Campos) and the Avifauna Center (in Monasterio de la Vega). In Burgos, the Lagar de Valdeande Museum and the Torreón de Haza, which has registered the most visits so far. In Segovia they have visited the Museum of the Last School in Otones de Benjumea, the Museum of the Martinete in Navafría and the Aula de la Trashumancia y las Hundas in Arcones.

"They are finding it incredible, they are very interested and I believe that in the not too distant future we are going to work with them to implement Living Museums in their country," stated Eugenio García-Rojo.

For Héctor Ibáñez, manager of the Rural Development Association of Ribera del Duero Burgalesa, this visit is an opportunity for the Living Museums project to grow and gain more visibility.

The rural development associations of the territory are spread throughout Europe and often work in coordination to publicize the various projects. "This one of the Living Museum network has already attracted the attention of many different groups that are visiting us and looking at the possibility of joining," explained Ibáñez.