Our project, continues its cycle of presentations within the tourism fair of interior "Intur 2018", this time from the Central Stand of the Junta de Castilla y Leon,

We had the presence of Eugenio García-rojo , Manager of the Coordinating Group of the project "Adri Valladolid North" who was in charge of making the project and its action and implementation in the rural environment known. We also had Miguel A. Fernández as responsible for the technical equipment of the museums who was in charge of informing the public in attendance of the details to be able to access the centres.

And finally, to close the presentation, we had the support of one of our most beloved journalists of Castilla y León, Javier Pérez Andrés, who did not hesitate to praise and value our museums and our initiative as one of the fundamental pillars of support for culture and growth in rural areas.



Video of the presentation on Saturday 24