"On the occasion of the meeting that was held this Thursday, November 28, e Covarrubias between the Director General of Rural Development and the Local Action Groups of the provinces of Burgos and Palencia, the Director wanted to know and check in person the operation of the project Living Museums.

María González, General Director of Rural Development, visited the Mecerreyes Carnival Museum, which she accessed as another user through the code issued by the Museos Vivos computer platform. Once inside, she visited the space accompanied by the Delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León in Burgos, Roberto Sáiz, members of the municipal corporation of Mecerreyes (mayor, councillor and the previous mayor) and of the Cultural Association of Mecerreyes, as well as technicians of Agalsa and ADECOAR.

The Director General had already expressed her interest in the project, which is why last week she came to the presentation of Museos Vivos at the stand of the Junta de Castilla y León, during the INTUR fair. As a result, she even wanted to meet him in person.

Today he visited one of the spaces of the Living Museums network, reiterating his support for this innovative project which, through the use of new technologies and a simple investment, has achieved a significant impact. 

From Museos Vivos we are grateful for the support of the Junta de Castilla y León to our project, and for them we continue working to make it increasingly attractive and strong, with the incorporation of new territories soon, not only from other Autonomous Communities, but also from other member states of the European Union, such as Romania and the Czech Republic.